Friday, March 12, 2010

The Flood...

Well, the fans and dehumidifyer are in place... the PuroClean folks "The paramedics of property damage" are doing their job...  the dry boxes and plastic containers are upstairs in the family room, living room, and anywhere they'd fit (waiting to be sorted, sifted, and condensed).  Who knew a water heater expansion tank could spring a leak and send a torrent of water across the basement?  Who knew that it could shoot a six-inch hole in the crawl space wall?  Who knew that I'd be spending my spring break cleaning and organizing?
     The damage?  We'll let the adjuster decide that on Monday. 
     The good news?  It could have been worse.  As I was leaving school on Friday (after my wife called in a panic), one of my students said, "Remember, Mr. Allen, stuff is just stuff!" and another said, "The good news is nobody got hurt!"  And, luckily, my wife saw the geyser, turned the water off, and jumped into action!
     It's such a little thing, compared to other things happening in the world right now.  But, nonetheless it's created a bit of unneeded havoc in our family.  Don't know where to start!
     In honor of our little flood, I thought I'd post a few of our family's favorite books about the great flood...


  1. Oh Patrick! If you guys need brute labor, give a yell and I will bring my fellas over. Carol

  2. Yikes! Here's one of our favorite books about The Flood: All Afloat on Noah's Boat.

  3. Oh my, I'm so sorry! We, too, experienced a great flood when our washing machine (upstairs) overflowed through the kitchen ceiling (downstairs) and even into the basement and most of the walls around. Stuff is just stuff, but I'm so sorry that you're spending your Spring Break doing some unexpected spring cleaning.