Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I was never drawn to Kazu Kibuishi's work, although I know Amulet is very popular these days, but there was something special about Copper that I couldn't resist.  Perhaps it was the "Behind the Scenes" section at the end of the book that provides a detailed glimpse of his work and his studio.  Perhaps it was the look in the Fred and Cooper's eyes on the cover.  Perhaps it was just because once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down! 
     What started as a webcomic has expanded into a this collection of "stories."  And, they reminded me so much of the comic book adventures I read as a child.  I immediately became enthralled with Kibuishi's artistic abilities, his attention to detail, his sense of space, his perspective, his use of color, his portrayal of childhood.  One of my favorite "stories" is Picnic... a mainly army green portrait of one of Copper's dreams... or is it?  One look at the dog's eyes at the end of the story and you're not sure.  Or "Bridge" a delightful, one-pager dealing, I think, with childhood crushes.  There are so many great, graphic stories in this book. 
     Of course, it would be fun to do some inferring lessons with Copper, but it's more fun to sit and read and ponder Kazu Kibuishi's genius.  Perhaps I should give Amulet a chance?

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