Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Words With Friends ala Dublin

Look closely... what do you see?  I see a representation of the Dublin Reading Conference this past Saturday in Dublin, Ohio.  For those in attendance, you'll understand the connection... that each of us is only a small piece of the larger whole.  That when educators come together to learn, to laugh, to share... amazing things happen!  It was such a pleasure to spend a day with everyone involved in the conference.
   Since "Words with Friends" seemed to be a topic of conversation at dinner on Saturday, I thought I'd share some of the "words" and names I've been contemplating since I left...
     MNA - not to be confused with men.  The Irish must really get confused when they have to use the restroom in America.
    Pinkney - illustrator extraordinare.  Hats off to Brain's grace, creativity, humor... and sincere love of his art.  And for nudging us to explore the rhythm of his craft.  I wish we could say to our students, "I want you to just play..." as his parents said to him.
   Buckeye - not only an important moniker for many Ohioans, but also a delicious treat to leave in a gift bag at the hotel desk for a speaker - when chilled and accompanied by a cup of coffee, delicious!
   Comraudarie - amazing collaborations between learners.  I learned so much just by being in amazing company.
   Friendships - new and old!
   Readicide - Kelly Gallager is so thoughtful.  His words, "The only way for struggling readers and writers to survive is to do twice as much reading and writing..." stuck with me.  
   Word Poverty - Another of Kelly's nudges... to build the background knowledge and experience of all readers at the word level.
   Jr. Library Guild - $5.00 hardbacks.  No other words needed.
   Committee - Laura and her entire team - amazingly organized, thoughtfully planned, and extraordinarily gracious. 
   BalletMet - lest we forget that the gifts children share come in all forms.  How can we better nurture creativity?
   Oscar's - Saturday at Oscar's and Sunday with the Oscars.  Saturday was better!
   Chauffeur - Thanks Lisa (double-sided tape, Starbucks, brush... enough said).
   Allison and Miles - Never a better introduction!  Such darling children who will remember introducing the speaker when they were in fourth grade.
   Featured Speakers - Kelly, Troy, Christian, Loren, Wendy, Brian, Amy... such grand company.
   And the rest - An amazing list of "locals" to complete the program - Bill, Karen, Franki, Karen, Mary Lee, Scott, Julie, Tony, Max... and the rest.  What amazing gifts to share with your own colleagues
    Look closely... what do you see?  Too many words to mention.  Too many people to thank.  Like a field of clover the day was a mixture of color and richness!  Thanks for the invitation, Dublin!


  1. It was a great weekend, wasn't it! Love your WORDS theme! Perfect!!

  2. What a gracious post, Patrick! It was a wonderful weekend, indeed. Thank you very much for sharing your wealth of knowledge about conferring, raising cattle and of course providing few hardy laughs. It was my pleasure meeting you and being your chauffeur extraordinaire! I will look forward to seeing you again one day!

    Until then, read on...L.