Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No One But You

Tomorrow I go back to school.  As usual, I'm pondering the new year a lot.  My mind has been racing for the last week!  I still have about 100 things to do... and a short time to do it.  It seems as if summer just started.  Tomorrow I have a ton of work to do!
      To relax a bit today, I spent the afternoon at one of our local independent bookstores, The Tattered Cover.  It's always such a treat to spend the afternoon shopping with your children, perusing the shelves.  My youngest son and daughter went with me!  We had a great time drinking coffee (and hot chocolate), perusing, and chatting about books.  My son came with us and then I dropped him downtown to join his friends at Tha Myx (His youth group joins them periodically for service events).  It was a great afternoon.*
     My daughter and I found ourselves in the children's department for nearly two hours... just long enough to fill two bags with books.  My son hung out in the music section...
     No One But You by Douglas Wood is one of the books that made it into my overflowing basket.  There was something provocative about the book... from the the cover illustration to the narrative text to the last line, I was hooked.  I was looking for a book to start out the year with... (last year it was Necks Out For Adventure by Timothy Basil EringWe used it as our "theme" for the year... rereading it several times and asking "How are we sticking our necks out right now?").
     This book ends, "And no one – no one in all the wide world but you - can feel the feelings in your heart, knowing that someone loves you…and saying words only your lips can say; 'I love you, too.' No one but you."  It's a perfect sentiment, "No One But You!"  As I read through the book, I realized that it's going to be our "go to" book this year.  I'm reading it the first week as we talk about ownership, exploration, and growth.  Who's in charge? "No one but you..."
     I think it's the perfect book to start out the year (thanks again, Candlewick Press for publishing such great books).  I love the text (even though it's not school specific) and the illustrations are amazing.  I can't wait to share it with my students!  
- - - - - - - - 

Thanks for the gift certificate... you know who you are!  It was a special treat even though it's taken me this long to get there!

I'll be blogging a bit about some of my other finds!  Stay tuned.   


  1. I too live in the Denver area; the Tattered Cover is the best! Thanks for the piece about this book. I will pass the idea on to my colleagues. Books to start the year & to "be" the book for the class are not always easy to find, so this & the one you used last year will go on my list.

  2. The book sounds intriguing. I may have to plunk down in a bookstore and try it out.
    Aren't bookstores the best? Isn't time spent with your kids the best? Okay, they can't both be best...but in their own categories they can be best...and bookstore with family is definitely bestest...with coffee!

  3. I just picked this book up and fell in love! The words, the illustrations, just amazing! I love that you take a book to create a theme for the year -- a motto that you continually go back to throughout the school year. Great idea and great book!

  4. What a great way to start the year and keep a common thread all year long. It sounds perfect...and now I will have to purchase it for myself! Thanks! Looking forward to hearing about your other finds, as well.

  5. Patrick,
    As my husband and I have driven from Ohio to California, I have stopped at several independent book stores. I absolutely fell in love with No One But You and am going to be using it to start my year off too. I, too, came out with bags overflowing with books. I joked with my husband that he should know better by now than to leave me alone in a bookstore. Good luck to the beginning of your year! Julie

  6. This sure is a very deep and interesting piece of art. We all have something to learn from this.. Lovely! :)