Friday, April 6, 2012

Georgia Heard has hit the mark...


Wonderful lines.
Small moments.
Hearts awakening.
Looking Toward Home.

Everyday life, everyday experience.
Words falling, falling down the page.
Climbing inside, mapping hearts and lives.
Looking for poetry, simple things.

For the good... the good of all things.
Writing songs and stories of life.
Places known.
Places yet to discover. 
Hidden places.

The Writer.
The Collector.
P. Allen, April 2012

Georgia Heard should change her name to Georgia Word.  Why?  Because whether hearing her speak or reading her books, her words resonate like precious gifts through our hearts and minds.  I've known Georgia for many years and each time I hear her, I feel like I've been bestowed with something precious... something as special as... well, as sea glass!  And, if you've heard Ms. Word's story of sea glass you'll know what I mean... finding beauty in simple things.
I couldn't wait to get a copy of The Arrow Finds Its Mark: A Book of Found Poems (illustrated by Antoine Guillopee`) a grand collection of poetry from her favorite friends (poets) who have written an intriguing collection of poetry created out of extraordinary words and phrases found in the most ordinary places.  From detergent boxes to Facebook pages, she's nudged poets to search for poems... which can't help but nudge us (and our students) to write... to be on the lookout.  Lost within the bits and pieces of your life are also words to be found.  And Ms. Word Heard has once again mesmerized me with this collection.  Together with some of our favorite writers, she's moved us to look at poetry in another "ordinary" place (it inspired me to write the opening poem on this blog using HER words).

This is a book that needs to be read and reread.  It's a process that's worth introducing to even our youngest writers.  It's a new spin on "line lift" that can take all writers on a new journey.  It might take some encouragement, but I can see the spirit of this book moving through the toolboxes and notebooks of writers everywhere!  Give it a go...

Thank you Georgia... for keeping us true to our words!


  1. THank you for this post! I must get this book. I love her. I have Heart Mapping and Writing Towards Home. I started my poetry study in my kindergarten class this week. It is my favorite! We have worked on looking at ordinary objects with watchful eyes and in fresh, new ways. Their ideas give my goosebumps every year. This week, kindergarten writers have written things like..."Seashell....It's like a phone you use to call the ocean." "The black sharpie brings dark night to my paper." "Hand gel....comes out like rain washing away the germs." "The broom dances and prances across the floor, cleaning up the mess." "A book is like a school, when you go inside you learn." And, this is just the first week. They are so precious and they are so excited! I love working with young writers.

  2. Ooops! I said Heart Mapping, but I meant Awakening the Heart. I was picturing the Heart Map on the cover. =)

  3. Thanks for posting about this book. I am very excited to get my copy and share it with my kindergarten students as well as colleagues.

  4. Having seen her speak at CCIRA, & having all her other books, I guess I'd better find this one, too. What a lovely poem/tribute to her. Thanks for the review.

  5. The Writer
    The Collector

    Love it! I can't wait to get a copy of this new book. I'm rereading Writing Toward Home for National Poetry Month so I decided to also read A Place of Wonder at the same time. I guess I am making it Georgia Heard month.

    Thanks, Patrick, for sharing.


  6. I, too, found this book inspiring. It's certainly going to be a mentor text in many poetry classrooms for years to come.