Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daniel Pinkwater - Another Great Title

Daniel Pinkwater.  Who doesn't love Daniel Pinkwater?  
     I use his book The Big Orange Splot often to remind teachers that creativity matters, that being yourself matters... and to relax! (Thanks to my friend, Lori, for telling me about it).
     I love The Hoboken Chicken Emergency because it makes me laugh!  I've seen 4th graders read it with the strangest look on their faces.
     I think of I am the Dog every time I sit and wonder what Timber is trying to tell me.  It makes me almost want to try kibble!
     I was a Second-Grade Werewolf makes me wish my name was Lawrence Talbot.  It makes me smile.
     I think of William every time I'm at the dentist because I think it would be so cool to pick up radio signals in my tooth ala Fat Men From Space.  It's a favorite read aloud.
     I laugh when I read The Ratatouille Weight Loss Plan and ponder when I read his tribute to Jean Shepherd (author of A Christmas Story).
     I haven't read all of his works, but he's one gifted writer.

I just received a copy of Bear in Love published by Candlewick Press.  I love Bear.  Who else finds joy in a carrot, or two, or three?  Daniel Pinkwater captures the burgeoning friendship between a bunny and a bear with such simplicity and humor.  The last line "And the two of them sat side by side in the clearing, singing songs as the sun went down," is brilliant.  This book would be a perfect read aloud for young readers.  You could use it during a study of inferring at any age.  You could use it as a mentor text with young writers.  Or you could just spend some time basking in the Pinkwater gift...

Thank you to Candlewick Press for the Advanced Copy


  1. Thanks for the new Daniel Pinkwater title, Patrick. Daniel Pinkwater used to do a spot on children's literature on Weekend Edition: Saturdays with Scott Simon. Their banter and shared read aloud always cracked me up, and now I have the gift of Daniel Pinkwater's voice in my head whenever I read his books.

  2. I love Daniel Pinkwater too and my favorite is the big orange splot. My kids love it too and I'm sure bear in love will be another hit for them.