Friday, February 1, 2013

Aggie Gets Lost

Aggie Gets Lost is a sweet "chapter" book I found in our library.  It's one of several of Lori Ries books.  This one is endearing.
     When Ben is playing fetch with his dog Aggie in the park, Aggie doesn't come back.  Three short chapters.  One big important life lesson.  This is the perfect book for young readers.  Aggie and Ben are the best of friends.  And who can resist Frank Dormer's illustrations?  Younger readers will love this series.
     BUT, I used it yesterday in our study of sensory images.  It's the perfect reminder that we rely on all our senses as we come to understand text.  My 4th graders had a grand conversation about the importance of using each sense to create the kinds of images and to support their understanding of text.  One student said, "I could have written this book!"  And, I said, "And, you have Lori to thank... she's your mentor!"
     And to think this simple book could lead to such wonderful collaboration.  All is not lost!

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