Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Memoirs of a Goldfish

"With a whoosh, and a splash, and a clank, and a plunge," we were suddenly laughing out loud at Memoirs of a Goldfish!  
     A group of fourth graders gathered at my feet, we devoured this delightful book by Devin Scillian.  I pulled it out of the "new books" that our media specialist had just unpacked (he's always adding to our collection), but I didn't know how much my students would like it.  
     Our post-reading conversation revolved around "point of view" to "perspective" to "wishes and dreams" to "It's about friendship" to "I could write something like this" to "This reminds me a little of Finding Nemo" to "I have to read this to my brother!" to "I can't wait to get the 'App.'" (Yes, there's even an App on iTunes for this book).  
     This books tells the tale of a goldfish and the seemingly mundane life he lives in his bowl.  First page... "Day One... I swam around my bowl."  
     After that day, his "memoirs" become more complex as new company joins his quiet little bowl (including Rhoda and Clark the guppies, Mr. Bubbles the deep sea fella, and Mervin the snail... among others).  The goldfish eventually can't stand it and exclaims, "I want my bowl back!"  
     Tim Bowers, the illustrator, captured the story beautifully.  We spent just as much time looking at the illustrations as we did reading the text... priceless.  The look in the goldfish's eyes are amazing!
          I read it for read aloud right before spring break and had to read it twice!  This book is, well, "heavenly!"

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  1. Sounds like fun! I have a gift certificate for TC that is burnign a hole in my pocket!