Professional Development

 Professional Development

I am a classroom teacher, but also work as literacy consultant when I am not spending time with fourth graders. 

I'll be happy to help you personalize and design a workshop and/or presentation that best supports your needs for K-8 students. 

The following is a list of possible speaking topics:

Around Conferring...
  • Bringing Conferring to the Forefront of Reader's Workshop
  • The Rituals and Routines that Support Conferring with Readers
  • Strengthening Conferring to Build Independence
  • Discovering the Power of Reading Conferences
  • A Conferring Structure That Supports Readers
  • Using Conferring as Formative Assessment
  • Stretching and Strengthening Our Ability to Confer with Readers
Around Reader's Workshop...
  • Encouraging Long-Thinking in a Fast-Paced World
  • Exploring the Gradual Release of Responsibility
  • Planning for Thinking Strategy Instruction
  • A Glimpse into My Classroom - What I've Discovered
  • The Rituals and Routines that Support Workshop
  • Strengthening Independence with Young Readers
  • A Closer Look at Thinking Strategies 
  • Reader's Notebooks and Their Role in Reader's Workshop
Around Writer's Workshop...
  • Linking Units of Study to a Specific Thinking Strategy
  • Bridging Reading/Writing Through Thinking Strategy Instruction
  • Creating Rituals and Routines to Support Writers
I am available to provide classroom demonstrations and work directly with your staff or organization. 
Please contact me at if you would like to schedule a school visit, a workshop, or a conference.  I use a booking agent and I will direct you to them after we communicate and discuss my work with you.

You may also contact Chandra Lowe, the Marketing and Promotions Coordinator for Stenhouse Publishers at or by clicking her name (it will direct you to the website). 

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