Monday, January 25, 2010

Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln

Another Portland Purchase... Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln by Judith St. George.
     The book tells the story of Abraham Lincoln's childhood in the Kentucky wilderness.  His mother died of milk poisoning (who knew?) before Abe was ten.  It was his stepmother Sally Bush Johnston (who married his father after his mother died) who brought literature into the Lincoln home.  She was big, loud, and encouraging.  She loved Abe's enthusiasm and served as an inspiration throughout this childhood, believing he had assets worth developing!
     It was Sally who influenced Abe's scholarship.  She encouraged him to read, and read often.  She served as a filter between Abe and his father.  Sally figured out what made young Abraham tick and she focused on his strengths, rather than the fact that he was a bit rambunctious and lively.  Later, he would thank his stepmother for her belief in him.
     I thought this was a unique look at Abe Lincoln, told in short "story-like" chapters (focusing on his childhood until about age 15).  There are so many books written about Lincoln, but this is a grand book to add to any collection.  It's an older publication, but one I just had to sneak into my "to buy" pile (and I might add, I really limited myself on this trip).

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