Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another book about Lincoln

I rediscovered this book in my stacks.  It's a wonderful biography by Rosemary Wells... telling the story of Abraham Lincoln through his sons' eyes... both Willie and Tad.  It's the story of a Lincoln's playfulness and love for his two sons.  A different side of the story of Lincoln and his commitment to our country.  Perfect for a read aloud as we approach Lincoln's birthday.
     History told through the perspective of Lincoln's sons... events of the president's journey from a view we seldom hear.  Rosemary Wells definitely did her research when writing this book and did it in the most endearing way.  From Willie's first train trip, to the boys barging into presidential meetings, to Tad traveling with is father to see the South face defeat.  Well-written and engaging, this book offers a look at Lincoln and his presidency through a different lens.  
     Just another reason to spend some time looking through our collections... there are great finds hidden there that we need to bring back to the forefront.  This book is one of those finds!

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