Monday, September 20, 2010

Gift #2 - Cherish Today

Another of the books I brought to my students was Cherish Today:  A Celebration of Life's Moments by Kristina Evans.  This quiet poetic book takes us on a journey through a child's growth as a learner, as a person.  I'm not usually a fan of rhyme, but Ms. Evans does a lovely job of wordsmithing this text.
     "You've accomplished your goals 
     And you're well on your way.
     The future's tomorrow--
     Cherish today!"
I love that this book is not about the end of the road, but about embracing the journey and trials along the way.  There's a warm sense of gratitude, caring, and sincerity that floats through the book's pages. My favorite line:  ls "Let's be honest; there may be some days when your life will resemble an underground maze."
     I think I may put this book in our "Endurance" basket.  I'll have to ask my students if it fits.  It may go on my graduation gift list as well.  It's a quaint piece of poetry. 

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