Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gift #3 - Lazy Little Loafers

The third book I picked up was Lazy Little Loafers by Susan Orlean.  Why?  Originally it was because I noticed it was illustrated by G. Brian Karas and I love his illustrations.  BUT... that was before I even read it.  This one cracked me up!
      I love the narrator's point of view.  A new twist on the "Why do I have to go to school and she gets to stay home?" attitude that I think all parents have faced at one time or another.  Through the narrator's eyes, we get a "kid's eye view" of one of her big questions, "Why don't babies work?"  She thinks it's a crime... babies are lazy, snobby, and think they are sooo cute.  And she's stuck struggling to make her bed, study for tests, and solve math problems. 
     As a reader, I loved the tongue-in-cheek humor.  My fourth graders loved the writing style and those with younger siblings had huge smiles on their faces when I read it.  Does it go on my all time favorite list?  Nope.  But there's something endearing about this story... kind of makes you long to be a baby strolling Manhattan with a nanny.  Charmed life?  Who knows.  
     This is a charming little read. 

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