Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baskets of Books

Each year we unpack all of our Christmas books and arrange them in baskets around the house... from board books to picture books.  Baskets of books are our favorite decorations.  And, each night during Christmas and into Epiphany we choose one or two to read together or alone.  
     We add a family book to the collection every year and sometimes we can't stop at just one.  I thought I'd share ten of of my favorites (some of my most favorite are out of print and I couldn't find a picture, so I'm leaving them off)... These books bring our family lots of great reading and each year we can't wait to read them again.  
     What are your favorites?  Here are some of ours...

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  1. What a great holiday tradition!

    Christmas memories of my childhood are also filled with books. I know that my mom read us a lot of holiday books. I can picture the covers, but I can't remember the titles. What I remember even more is that I always got at least a couple of books for Christmas, and one of my favorite parts of the day was curling up with a new book.