Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bubble Homes & Fish Farts

This book is delightful.  A nonfiction book that teaches so much!  Who knew that bubbles were so important?  Fiona Bayrock explains how bubbles are important to animals and their existence in nature.  Who knew that the star-nosed mole blows bubbles outside its nose and then sucks them back in... just to find food?  Who knew that the Weddell seal blows bubbles to chase fish out of hiding so that he can break through the ice to catch them and that a Humpback whale uses bubbles to herd tiny fish into a group?  The book takes a serious look at unique animals in a fun and interesting way.  I had no idea there were so many animals who used bubbles as part of their survival. 
     I like having nonfiction books that include extra details in the back of the text - size, location, and interesting facts.  The book is formatted so that young readers will enjoy reading about their favorite animals.  And this book will serve as great mentor text for a study of nonfiction writing.  Children who love nonfiction will enjoy Bubble Homes and Fish Farts - drawn initially by the title (it's catchy!), but then they are destined to find information they won't be able to read anywhere else... it's a keeper.

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