Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crow Call...

There's something special about the relationship between a father and daughter.  In this book, Lois Lowry draws on her experience to tell the story of a little girl whose father has just returned from World War II.  
     The girl spends the day with her father to hunt the crows that are eating the crops.  Slowly they connect... drawn together with a too big flannel shirt, eating cherry pie, talking... and learning the crow call.  Slowly, over time, they grow closer.
     This is Lois Lowry's first picture book.  It's grand.  When the little girl reaches and takes her father's hand you sense the closeness that is developing, your heart melts..  When he asks, "What's your favorite thing to eat in the world?" the little girl smiles and answers, "Cherry pie."  Again, your heart melts...
     The illustrations by Bagram Ibatoulline are realistic and the colors are beautiful.  The mix of story and text are perfect. 
     I could see using this book during a study of inferring or schema... and the story line lends itself to becoming a perfect mentor text  It will melt your heart!  You may just have to do some writing in your own writer's notebook.

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