Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exploring My Collection...

Lately, I've been exploring my library (both at home and in my classroom)... so you'll notice that many of my posts are not about the latest and greatest, but some forgotten and cherished oldies, but goodies.  My posts often include some of the texts I have collected over the years... I think too often we forget to revisit old favorites, so it's been good for me to spend some time looking through my stacks!  My wife thinks I'm getting organized... but I think I'm doing far more.

     Try it!  Spend some time searching through your own collection... you might just find something that surprises you!  
  • Something waiting to be shared with young readers and writers
  • Something that might nudge your students into new thinking  
  • Something that lends itself to a particular thinking strategy
  • Something that causes you to pull out your notebook and write
  • Something that lends itself to a particular strategy or skill
  • Something that you haven't read in a while that deserves a reread
  • Somethng that needs to be read aloud to someone
  • Something that needs to be loaned to a colleague
  • Something that deserves a special place on your shelf or needs to be displayed

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