Sunday, December 20, 2009

AARP? Secrets? Abigail Thomas?

I know a secret... my wife bought me this book for Christmas!  Thinking About Memoir is a sweet little book we found while perusing our local bookstore.
     I am so excited to read this book by one of my favorite writers, Abigail Thomas.  I loved A Three Dog Life (excerpts of which I've often used with adults when talking to them about responding to reading).  It's a brilliantly written book written about her relationship with her husband after he was severely injured after being hit by a car when out walking their dog.  Have you read it?
     I love her writing style.  She's so honest.  If fact, she says "Be honest, dig deep, or don't bother."  I almost feel like I know her.  She "sees" story in everything... coffee with a friend, learning to do Pilates, rescuing a dog, eating ice cream.  And, through her work, Abigail teaches us to do the same... and gives us specific examples of "practice" in this book (many I think we can use with students).
     Although I worry a bit that my wife's buying me a book that was introduced in AARP magazine, I can't wait to open it up on Christmas Eve and finish reading.  I love how Abigail nudges us all to be writers... and to be writing.  I learn so much about her every time I read her work.  In this book, she illuminates her daily life, which will hopefully help me learn to illuminate mine!
     My students look at Ralph Fletcher and Cynthia Rylant as the writers from whom they learn the most... I can't wait to share my learning from Abigail Thomas.

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  1. Be sure to keep us posted about your thinking as you read it--AFTER Christmas, of course!