Friday, December 4, 2009

Homegrown House

Who doesn't like a free book?  Thanks to Simon and Schuster, there were many lucky recipients who walked through their booth on the last day of NCTE to take a book... or two... or three... depending upon how many times you stood in line.  I went through three times (it was either that or go to the airport far too early).
     One of the books I picked up was homegrown house by Janet Wong (based on my friend Troy's recommendation).  It was a great recommendation... I love the book and the beautiful illustrations.  I love the back and forth story of the grandmother who's only lived in two houses her whole life and the girl in the book who is already moving to her fourth.  There's a sense of humor and realism floating through the pages.  When I picked it up to read it there was a sudden sense of comfort that developed as I thumbed through the pages... very Patricia MacLachlan-like.  I love the line, "...there will be nothing more to do.  Nothing except to settle into this house, to learn to live it right, to make it feel, as Grandmom says, Homegrown."
     This was another wonderful book to add to my collection.  And, the price was perfect! 

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