Monday, February 1, 2010

Bass Pro Shops? Books? Who knew?

You'll never guess where I picked this book up... Bass Pro Shop.  Yep, that Bass Pro Shop.  Last year, while visiting Santa (he's the best in town), I happened over to the book table and picked up this book (which my wife gave to me for Christmas).  Having several outdoors-loving people in the family, we can spend hours wandering through the store; it was a pleasure finding a new find that didn't involve velcro, hooks, or wool (I did pick up a bottle of extreme hot sauce to use as a white elephant).
     I love The Sunset Switch for several reasons.  It's written in second person (which I think is a great study for young writers to discover and attempt).  The illustrations by Lindy Burnett are the most vibrant oranges, reds, browns, purples, and greens (the borders are amazing).  The language is rich and descriptive.  The circular nature of the text lends itself to further study. 
     Listen to the first lines... "Slowly the sun slips from the sky.  Day animals grow sleepy.  Night animals start to stir and wake.  Come and watch them trade places.  The sunset switch is beginning."  Kathleen Kudlinski takes the reader on a nocturnal journey with words and images.  It's poetic and lovely.   Here are a few more tidbits:
     "Good night, Goshawk.  Your daytime turn is over.  You searched the meadows for mice all day.  Fluff your fine feathers, and sleep."
     "Night-night, weary Butterfly.  You sipped sweet nectar all day.  Tongue coiled, wings folded, you should be sleeping."
     The language lends itself to the kind of writing that perhaps students can do during a content study.  The images from the text and the pictures blend so well.  It's just an appealing book.
     I just ordered The Seaside Switch used.  I hope it's as good at this one.
     So next time you're in the Bass Pro Shop look around... even book lovers can find something!

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