Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chipotle, in Chicago? Really?

Chipotle on the Michigan Avenue,
Three Tacos, Hard Shells
Pintos, No Sauce
Mild Tomato Salsa
A Bit of Green As Well
Light Cheese and Sour Cream
Lots of Lettuce
Iced Tea with Lemon

The perfect Chicago meal...
fine dining, not, but delicious!

I knew you when in 1993
you took over Dolly Madison
on Evans, near DU!
Brought to school by teammate Deb.
Burritos with rice?  Strange then.
Not so strange now!
Really... It's amazing...
Who knew you'd grow up so quickly.

Guess where I ate when I got to Chicago tonight?  Better than a hotel burger, I'd say.  Is it May yet?  These poems are killing me!   

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  1. I'm with you on the wish for May. I'm ready for a day off.