Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mangiare, Mangiare, Mangiare! Un Libro...

The Book That Eats People by John Perry, illustrated by Mark Fearing, is just unique.  You're warned from the first page that this book eats people and throughout the book Sam, Victoria, and Mr. Singh learn the hard way that, indeed, it does!
     I love Mark Fearing's illustrations... as you read, you'll see that "fearing" is exactly what you'll be doing.  This book made me chuckle a bit.  As I read through it, I was in awe of the collage-like artwork.  Throughout the book we learn the history of the book's unfortunate characters (or should I say victims)... poor Sam, his bones coughed up and clattered across the floor!
     The reader is warned never to turn your back on the book and you wonder if children might heed the words, literally.  Bravery is the only requirement for reading this book.  Page after page the reader is greeted with the fangs and slanted eyes of the book as it waits for its next meal.  Victoria's demise came when she picked up All About Dolphins... only to discover that it was a book that eats peoples that traded places with the dolphin book.  
     Try this book... you might find it in poor taste or you might find that it's deliciously sweet, wicked, sinister, and just plain fun!  Check out Mark Fearing's wonderful website at: (it's a delightful one).

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