Thursday, April 8, 2010

A great find...

Found this little gem at The Boulder Bookstore today.  My friend, Troy, and I went to Boulder for the morning and made a quick trip into the bookstore.  I picked it up because of the cover and was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered.  The author is a philatelist and uses U.S. postage stamps to trace the journey of American history.  The details of each historical event are limited (I wanted to read more), but I thought it was an interesting way to trace the history of America.  A nice timeline with wonderful watercolors and simply written text.  
     I loved the reproductions of U.S. postage stamps throughout the book.  The author, C. H. Colman, uses his lifetime love of postage stamps to guide the reader through the text.  I love the passion he has for his "collection" and shares that he's been mesmerized by stamps since he was a little boy.  Colman decided to share his passion through stories of bald eagles (something he noticed took a prominent place in a lot of the stamps in his collection) intermingled with historic events in our country's history.  I think students will be intrigued by the colorful stamps represented in the book.  The historical events might just nudge students to discover more... and might just show them how to turn their own passions into a collection of writings. 

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