Monday, June 21, 2010

Ahh... Father's Day

Father's Day.  My card today read, "Being a father is not about being Superman.  It's about being there."  Signed by all the kids.  Graham, who arrived home late last night after a week in San Francisco with his girlfriend and is now back at work (and neglected to tell me he was arriving home a day later than originally planned... so I enjoyed two drives to the airport).  Jens, who signs everything "Your jolly good son, Jens!", who is on a week-long youth service project with his pals from church, working with inner-city children.  Anneke, signed in absentia by Lauryn, who is working at a summer camp this summer in the mountains (and learning that treating children with respect and smiles has its rewards) with her best high school friend and her best college friend.  And, Lauryn, who helped me celebrate the day at home (with smiles, stories, and song)... beautifully, I might add.
     After church, we drove to downtown Littleton and ate a great lunch on the patio of Merle's  (of course, Lauryn wanted to do The Melting Pot).  A little window shopping (and stopping in at a book store of course)!  Then it was out to my classroom to sift and sort and pack (yep, working even on Father's Day), two days left with children and it's off to a different classroom.  Then, dinner out (an eating fest today) at Qdoba (father's ate free).  And finally, home sweet home, for presents (clothes, I Love Lucy season four, and a great ring for my right hand) and a needed nap on the couch.  It was grand day and the many blessing of being a father abounded.
     Purchases?  Of course.  I found a great book called Whistling by Elizabeth Partridge (her latest book is called Marching for Freedom).  Whistling is a beautifully illustrated story (the illustrations are quilts) about a father and son camping and the father teaching his son to whistle.  Out-of-print, of course.  Poetic and beautiful!  A true Father's Day find. 
     And, if being a father doesn't give you something to whistle about... well, nothing will!  


  1. Whistling is a wonderful book. I mistakenly used it in a mini-lesson on a day that I was being observed. The kids, of course, all started whistling and could not stop. The principal and I had a good laugh about it later but I was mortified at the time.

  2. I love observations like that... thanks for sharing your story!