Saturday, June 19, 2010

Caught My Eye

I was drawn to the cover of this book at a recent book fair.  There's something intriguing about its simplicity that made me do a double take.  And, then, I read the first page and I was hooked.  Out of My Mind is a beautifully written book.
     In the book the main character, Melody, draws us into her world... she can't talk, walk, or write.  Although she can't speak, she has a photographic memory and her brain works like a video camera.  Her doctors and teachers think she's incapable of learning, only because they don't know what's actually going on inside her head... until she finds her "voice" using a communication device and is transitioned into a regular education classroom.
     Sharon Draper says, "All great stories emerge from deep truths that rest within us.  But the real truth of a story often can be found in places that not even the author has dared to explore."  In Out of My Mind she creates a character who is powerful, intelligent, and intriguing and sometimes makes us forget that she struggles with a disability.  Without patronizing, Draper invites the reader to understand Melody and her cerebral palsy and from page one you're drawn into the story.  This is a good upper elementary read, dealing with some tough issues.  You can read more about the author on her website.  


  1. This is possibly one of my favorite books of the year. I thought it was realistic and thought provoking-from a teacher perspective it made me really think about the message I send my students and reminded me of the huge impact a teacher has on a student's life.

  2. I love Draper, looks like another good one! Have you read Stuck In Neutral by Terry Trueman? It's main character also has cerebral palsy. Very interesting and thought-provoking book!