Friday, June 18, 2010

Back on the Farm

I ran across Elisha Cooper's book, Farm, and fell in love with the illustrations.  There's something about farm life that intriques me (a small town boy at heart, perhaps). 
     The text in this book is simple and quiet and encompasses all the joys and experiences farm life has to offer in simple watercolor.  There's a poetic tone to the book and its simplicity lends itself to a quiet read.  I love the rooster's name, Breakfast.  And, although a simple read, it provides insight into life on the farm (although those of us who have spent any amount of time on a farm know that farm life is not simple, nor easy). 
     I have a basket of books in my classroom called, "Living the Country Life."  It's a fine collection of cowboy and farm books--poetry, picture books, nonfiction, etc.  There's even a Cowboy Sam or two in the box.  It's my personal testament to my family's history...
     Farm makes a perfect addition to my growing collection!

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