Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shh... Let's Have Some Quiet

The Quiet Book is exactly what I needed to read after the holidays.  I've been longing for a bit of quiet and this book was the perfect find.  Simple.  Quaint.  Just plain delightful!
      "Sleeping sister quiet," or "First look at your new haircut quiet," or "Pretending you're invisible quiet..."  Quiet comes in many forms.  Deborah Underwood describes quiet found in ordinary things on ordinary days.  And, Renata Lewski, the illustrator, is amazing (she has a lovely little blog called "Pandas and Such").  Together, they've created a little read that deserves a look... no matter what grade level you teach.
     There's something peaceful about this book.  As I was reading it, I thought about using it as a mentor text with young writers.  I can imagine my fourth graders spending some time in their notebooks describing "loud" times, or "peaceful" times, or "filled with laughter" times.  I wonder will happen when I read this book to my students at the start of writer's workshop and then ask them to have a go in their notebooks.   At maybe beyond?  I may have to have a go in my own notebook to see where my thinking takes me.  A good old-fashioned memory write or quick write... a chance to explore language as a writer, trying to use simple text, exploring those times in my own life that give me the "quiet" that we all crave. 
     After the hustle and bustle and running and dashing we've done during the holidays, don't we all deserve a little quiet?  Shhh... what does your quiet sound like?


  1. I love this one--one of my very favorites of the year. I think it will be a great book to give as a gift to new parents, so they can dream of peace and quiet.

  2. I agree Patrick, one of my favorites this year. Bought it for my grandson Henry and friends' children/grandchildren. The introvert in me loves this book, the grandma and mother in me adores this book. It also rings of good parenting, the quiet type of discipline. The illustrations are so lovely, I can't wait to tell graphic designer daughter about Pandas and Such as well as looking for myself. And can' t wait to try your writing ideas with my students. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for sharing this book. It's in my Amazon cart!