Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh, THAT Henry Cole

I was looking over a blog about A Nest for Celeste and in my mind, I was repeating, "Henry Cole... Henry Cole... Henry Cole..." and then I realized why his name sounded so familiar.  I went on a search in my home and classroom libraries and realized how many books I had that were illustrated by Cole.  Although he didn't write the text, some of the  books are sweet, some hilarious, some full of wonderful words, some poignant, some happy, some sad, some delightful... The best part, all are illustrated by Henry Cole, beautifully!
  • On Meadowview Street is about a girl who goes about changing the fact that there is no view on her street (nor a meadow),  
  • Some Smug Slug is a great read aloud and full of rich vocabulary,
  • Little Bo is a bedtime favorite by Julie Edwards, 
  • Trudy is a delightful story of a girl whose grandfather buys her a goat at the county fair and she ends up with a special surprise, 
  • Chicken Butt is just plain hilarious and fun to read out loud, 
  • The Rubber-Legged Ducky is about being unique and your own person (duck?), 
  • BIG Chickens is a raucous read and fun to read with a friend.

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