Wednesday, October 13, 2010

She Did Do it!

Patricia MacLachlan's and Emily MacLachlan Charest's second book of poetry I Didn't Do It dedicated to our canine friends is a real treat.  It's the perfect sibling text to Once I Ate a Pie.  They've teamed up with Katy Schneider to create an adorable collection of poetry paired with irresistible illustrations.
     "Every Night" almost made me dash out an get that puppy my family so desperately wants!  Every night you sing the song about the stars and moon.  Every night you pat my head... who can resist these words?
     "Rules" is hilarious.  First the human rules, No tick! No Bite!... then the dog's rules... Eat all you want.  Sleep when you want... Drooling is good.  I laughed out loud when I read this one!  I read it the same day my friend told me his new basset hound puppy ate a muffin off the coffee table... on the run!  
     This is the kind of book that can get young writers writing... about their pets, their lives, their experiences.  Quickwrites, memory writes... the notebook possibilities are endless.  So rich in schema and inferring.  I think this book will find its way into a few crafting lessons when I go back to school next week.
     I adore Patricia MacLachlan.  From my first read of Sarah Plain and Tall to Arthur for the Very First Time to Baby.  From All the Places to Love to What You Know First to Painting the Wind.  There hasn't been a Patricia MacLachlan book that I haven't found compelling, beautifully written, and heart-warming.  Perhaps there's a kindred spirit we meet within the context of words... I think Patrician MacLachlan could be mine.  Maybe it's being from the west!
    I Didn't Do It is no exception.  In fact, she has done it... written another book that should be in every classroom!  When you see the cover sitting on the bookstore shelf... those puppy dog eyes say, "Buy me, buy me!"  And you should...

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