Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 Blogger Challenge

if you are so inclined...
It's 10/10/10... we have to have some sort of challenge, eh?  Here's a list of ten possibilities:
  • Read ten picture books off your shelf that you haven't read for a while.  Think about how you might use them in your classroom!
  • Email ten friends and tell them about a book that you've read recently that reminded you of them.
  • Write ten lines of poetry using ten words in each line.
  • Read ten blog entries from ten blogs you don't have listed on your blog list (click on some of your followers to see what they read that you do not have on your list).
  • Buy a $10 dollar gift certificate and mail it to a friend anonymously or hand it to a child in the bookstore.
  • Go to the bookstore, read ten books you've never read.  Create a list of your ten favorites and send it to someone you think might appreciate some new titles.
  • Write your next ten blog entries in one sitting.
  • Choose ten books from your collection that you can give to ten friends with a personal note inside!
  • Write ten letters to ten friends or former teachers and mail them... with a stamp! 
  • Write a comment on ten blogs, using ten sentences each with ten words.
Any takers?  Try at least one of these this week (or within the next ten days) and see what happens.  Let me know what you try... 

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