Thursday, October 7, 2010


Fleabag by Helen Stephens was another irresistible book I picked up on my recent book shopping jaunt.  Why?  One reason.  My 12-year-old.  I immediately thought of her when I picked this one up!
     My daughter has been begging for a dog since she was old enough to point!  She devours books about dogs.  There's an audible "Ahhhhh" each time we see someone walking a dog.  Once, when she was about five, she got a heart-shaped pad of sticky notes from Granny (Thanks, Granny) and left at least 75 notes around the house--refrigerator, toilet lid, bookbag, computer screen--"Dad, a dog would be nice!  Woof, woof!  I think we need a dog!  Have you seen my puppy?"  And, I won't even mention every dog we've seen online on Big Dogs, Huge Paws or at the pound that is looking for a home.  Trouble is... much to her chagrin, we still don't have one (although we came close with a Newfoundland puppy last year)!  Instead, I buy great books about dogs... it's a long story!  I know what you're thinking... I may just have to give in soon (No mean dad comments... it's just that two of us can barely breath now)!
    Fleabag is a quaint story about a homeless dog that is "found" by a little boy named Bob... "A boy without a dog and a dog without a boy meet each other in the park."  I loved this story, it almost tugged hard enough at my "we need a dog" heartstrings to consider getting one... almost!  The illustrations are wonderful and full of whimsy... who knew you could say so much with two little black dots on a scruffy puppy!
     Hasn't every child at one time or another gotten a puppy, found a lost animal, "ran away" from home, or looked longingly in the pet shop window--this is the perfect book to activate a "memory" write for young writers.  The premise is familiar and weaves a wonderful tale that I think could inspire young writers to do some writing in their writer's notebooks.  Fleabag will be the perfect nudge. 
    Fleabag ended up getting a permanent home with his new family in the book and Fleabag will be the perfect addition to your permanent collection of "Books about Pets" in your classroom!


  1. Patrick,

    My daughter and her husband have a 4 month old newfoundland puppy they got in Berthoud. Norge is the sweetest thing ever. He weighs 40 pounds right now. I can send photos if you want to show them to your daughter. :)


  2. Looks like a fun book, I think my wife will be getting this for Christmas...thanks for posting the review. Who doesn't love a cute puppy store, even if it's titled Fleabag,kind of adds to the cuteness.