Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hope is...

This is a beautiful book that I love having on display in my classroom.  And kids love reading it.  Hope.  A simple word that can mean so much to so many.
     I found this book while wandering the bookstore and had to buy it and since then I've recommended it to several teaching colleagues.  It's a book about comfort and peace.  The author wrote it to comfort her son after the events of 9/11.
     It begins with the line Sometimes hope feels far away.  But hope is always there.  I love the simple phrases and repeated text... Hope is the warmth of strong arms around you... Hope is scared words asking for help, and finding hope is there... Hope is sad tears flowing, making room for joy.
     It's a great mentor text for writers and the photographs are amazing (and there's a story in the photographs as well).  It's simple.  It's beautiful.  It's hopeful.

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  1. PA...thanks...I will be adding this one to our collection...dana