Sunday, February 7, 2010

Barbara Kerley

It was great to pick up Barbara Kerley's book, The Extraordinary Mark Twain (According to Suzy) at CCIRA this weekIn the book, we hear the story of Mark Twain, told in the most unique way.  Interspersed through the text are snippets of Twain's daughter's own "biography" of her father taken from her manuscripts.  They add a personal touch to a book about one of American's most unique storytellers.
     When I picked up this book up and saw Barbara Kerley's name, I knew I would love it.  It's inventive, thoughtful, and beautifully illustrated.  Edwin Fotheringham's unique style capture's the mystery of Mark Twain's life perfectly.
    What I love most about this book is the addition of Suzy's words... and, as the book plate says, "This is a frank biographer and an honest one; she uses no sandpaper on me!"  Check it out, you won't be disappointed.
     You know Barbara Kerley, I'm sure.  If not, here are some of my other favorites:


  1. Hi Patrick,

    Wow, thank you so much for the kind words about the book -- I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    Readers of your blog may be interested to know that I have classroom/exploration activities for all my books via the teacher page on my web site:

    A new feature is a one-page, printable sheet called "Writing an Extraordinary Biography" with tips for budding biographers.

    Barbara Kerley

  2. Thanks for the email! I hope people will check out your website! I can't wait to read this book with my third graders! Take good care! Patrick