Monday, February 22, 2010

George Washington - A Biography

Three hundred years ago, there was no United States of America. Instead, there were thirteen English colonies in North America. In the one called Virginia, a tall boy loved to get on his horse and gallop through the woods alone. He wasn't afraid of bears, or wolves, or the native hunters with bows and arrows who shared those woods. George Washington wasn't afraid of anything, except making conversation. He was shy.
      So begins Anne Rockwell's Big George:  How a Shy Boy Became President.  This is a personal story of our first president written in Anne Rockwell style, with precision and wonderful language, painting a wonderful portrait of a man we've come to know as the father of our country.  In her version we see him grow from a boy of 13 to a man... a boy who tames his temper, a natural leader (digging trenches with his troops), and with a destain for the horrors of the battlefield.  We learn a bit about his family and his love of country as well as his bravery and skillled leadership... leadership that eventually leads him to the presidency.  You can learn more about her on her website at:
     I am becoming a Matt Phelan fan.  His subtle illustrations fit this story well (I blogged about his book The Storm in the Barn in November).  There's a sense of mystery in his drawings of George Washington and his journey.  Matt Phelan has a great blog (which explores his work):  Take a look at the illustrator's website also, it's well worth a visit:
     This is a perfect tribute to George Washington, the perfect entry to mention today.

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