Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chicken Cheeks

What sold me on this book?  Frankly it's not high on my list of recommendations, but I love the illustrations... Kevin Hawkes' artwork had me laughing out loud when I picked this book up at CCIRA.  Now... the storyline probably isn't the most appropriate (unless you want to learn a list of names for your "cheeks").  My favorites:  Polar Bear Derriere, Penguin Patootie, Gnu Wazoo, Kangaroo Keister, Duck-billed Platypus Gluteus Maximus...
     Of course, the story is really about a bear who's got a hankering for some honey and will do anything to get it... including stacking animals "end over end" to reach it.  
     Not a deep book, but I laughed when I read it and my daughter has loved reading it aloud... simple, but fun (and another on the bargain table).  This is the author (recognize him?) reading the book:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLVVMyi7LhU


  1. Patrick-
    Simple, bargain table, laughter... a few of my favorite things when it comes to books. I love this book as well. I am Katie from Creative Literacy and am visiting for the first time. Great blog!!

  2. My kids at school love this book! We have actually had some great discussions about synonyms!

  3. Yes, Carol, it is RICH with synonyms and also inferences! And where else, Patrick, tell me, have you ever seen the word patootie in print!!!

  4. Thanks MaryLee, you're right... Patootie can be used to describe so many things... like today! It's a perfect synonym to describe testing day, right Carol?

    Here are a few other places to find the word patootie, just in case...

    Kiss Me, I'm Perfect! by Robert Munsch
    Q.T. Patootie by Sally A Scheckel
    Cutie Patootie and Grandpa Grouchy Pants by Mary Ellen Wilson
    Why Epossumondas Has No Hair on His Tail by Coleen Salley and Janet Stevens
    A Long Way From Chicago: A Novel in Stories by Richard Peck
    The Kingfisher Book of Family Poems by Belinda Hollyer and Holly Swain

  5. OK, so now we just need a book about belly buttons. Or toes. Toes are fun too.