Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Color is Caesar?

What Color is Caesar?  This new book by Maxine Kumin is a sweet one... simple, but sweet!.  Caesar's either black with white spots or white with black spots.  He's on a search for the truth... about who he is and why.  It's the "white with black spots" or "black with white spots" mystery.  Where do you go when you want to learn about yourself?  Your friends.  In this case, he asks different animals their opinions.  I can see emergent readers really enjoying this book.
      Maxine Kumin is a former poet laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner (who was almost killed when her horse bolted in 1998).  She's written several collections of adult poetry and essays.  It's the illustrations by Alison Friend that endear you to this book; they are enchanting and this is her first book. 

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