Friday, February 19, 2010

Elephant and Piggie

If you were in Powell's in January, you probably heard my friend Mimi laughing outloud as she was showing me Mo William's Elephant and Piggie books.  They are hilarious.  Even as an adult, you can't help but giggle when you read one of these books.  Watch Me Throw! is one of my favorites... but there are so many others.
     I love reading Mo Williams' blog.  It's personal, child-oriented and full of his best thinking: 
     In Mo's latest Elephant and Piggie book, Gerald is careful.  But Piggie is not.  Piggie disrupts a perfectly day by telling Gerald he is going... but who will Gerald play ping-pong with and wear silly hats with?
     Such simple text creates an amazingly complex story line in each and every one of these books.  Elephant and Piggie have turned me into a Mo Williams fan.  And, I have to be honest, that's something that Knuffle Bunny couldn't do!   But, Elephant and Piggie are so endearing... I can't wait to add them all to my collection.  
     My students will love them (yes, I know they are third graders, but c'mon aren't they perfect to use during a study of drawing inferences?).  And even if they don't, I'll have a good laugh or two!


  1. Our third graders did a whole author study on Mo Willems in August. They LOVE him. I just bought I AM GOING, CAT THE CAT AND LET'S SAY HI TO FRIENDS WHO FLY and we have been reading and rereading and rereading them all week. We wrote a really fun DON'T LET THE PIGEON TAKE THE CSAP readers' theater if you want it.

  2. I agree with you! Mo Willems created two lovable characters. My kindergarten and 1st grade ELLs have learned to read thanks to his Piggie & Elephant books. He is wonderful! I am enjoying your blog!