Saturday, November 7, 2009

For the ballerinas...

This book is filled with references to Impressionism artists (Monet, Renoir, Cassatt, etc.) and the illustrations are beautiful.
     In the text, Monsieur Degas paints portraits of ballerinas dancing.  Monsieur Degas accidentally takes a young ballerina's bag, which has her costume for the evening's performance.  She looks all over Paris looking for Degas and her missing satchel.  The illustrations are very "impressionist" like and I think this book is perfect for budding dancers and readers who like art.  The ballerina in the story runs into many famous painters working in historic Paris.
     The actual paintings that inspired the story and the illustrations are listed in the text.  It's a sweet little book that I think readers to love dancing will enjoy reading it.

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