Sunday, November 8, 2009

Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean teamed up to write Crazy Hair.  Gaiman wrote this as a poem originally just after his daughter made a comment about his own hair.  The team turned the poem into this delightful, albeit somewhat bizarre, look at what takes place in a man's hair ("hunters send in expeditions, radio back their positions" or "gorillas leap, tigers stalk, and grown sloths sleep").  The artwork is unique to say the least... both whimsical and scary (the little girl in the books ends up getting sucked into the mess).

     The text is rhythmical and fun to read.  I have to admit the whole idea of carousels, pirate ships, and comb-eating bears living in someone's hair kind of creeped me out a bit... but the book itself is a frenzy of fun language and I think children will love reading it.  There's so much to see in this book and I think that reader's with an artistic sense will love the illustrations.  And, it could be a launching point for some great writing.  I'd put this one in my "Just Fun to Read Outloud" basket...

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