Friday, November 6, 2009

Jackie Robinson

While perusing the shelves at our local bookstore, I came across Testing the Ice:  A True Story of Jackie Robinson.  This book takes place after Robinson retires from baseball and has settled in Connecticut with his family.  The story is beautifully told and written by his daughter, Sharon.
     There is a lake on the property and all the children want to ice skate as soon as it freezes over.  Jackie says they can go skating, but only after he "tests the water" to make sure it is safe.  But for some reason, it's the first time he has gone near the water since the family moved to their new home.
     Jackie pokes and prods the ice... and faces a fear he's never shared with his family.  He doesn't know how to swim!  But he bravely continues until he reaches the middle of the lake and declares it safe for skating.  Not the first time he's overcome a fear to help others. 
     Kadir Nelson (Caldecott Honor Medalist) has filled the book with incredible artwork.  You can check out an interview with both the author and the illustrator at: 
     This is definitely a book I'll be adding to my collection of "Stamina and Endurance" books!

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  1. I'd love to hear more about your "Stamina and Endurance" books!

    (And may I just say, WOW! You've been a blogging maniac these last few weeks! Life has conspired to keep me away from my Google Reader, but I'm slowly but surely getting caught up! Lots of great books here!)