Monday, November 16, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow...

A wonderful snowy day in Denver gets me thinking about creating an "All About Snow" basket of books in my classroom.  The perfect bundle of "I have nothing to write about" texts.  There are so many!  I'm always on the look out...
     Today I ran across Snow, Snow, Snow by Lee Harper (I know what you're thinking, not a play on words)... this book is a cute one!  It reminds me of those magical moments when you go to sleep and wake up the next morning with the ground covered with a blanket of fun (unless, of course, you have to work that day)!  It reminds me of walking to the nearby school and hitting the hill with my children.  It reminds me of being a child... the illustrations fit the whole "spend some time as a child" theme of this book!
    I may have to gather up my collection and create a basket of snow books... the perfect launch for a memory write or line lift in a writer's notebook during the composing time of reader's workshop.  I can't wait to add this one to the collection!

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