Monday, November 2, 2009

The Truly Terribly Horrible Sweater... That Grandma Knit

What is the worst gift you've ever gotten from your grandmother?  
      My favorite, a yellow plastic tissue box cover with gold plastic filigree from Dollar General.  Even into her 80s, my mother made sure every member of the extended family got a gift at Christmastime... the tissue cover was ours one year.  I still look at it an smile (it's been chosen to adorn to the desk in the basement).

     In The Truly Terribly Horrible Sweater, Cameron receives a "lovely" hand knit sweater from his grandmother.  He can't stand the sweater... he pours mustard on it, puts the sweater on the dog, and tries to send it to the nearby rummage store.  He thinks it is, indeed, a truly horrible sweater; not quite the gift her was hoping to receive.
     Little does he know, but his grandmother took great care in choosing the colors for his striped sweater--green to represent a soccer goal, yellow because he's the "sunshine" in her life... of course there comes the point where he has to wear it in front of his grandmother and learns the truth about why she knitted it.
     This is a sweet book; a new telling of an old story (think 1950s sitcom or the pink rabbit pajamas in A Christmas Story)..  The authors include the instructions for knitting the same sweater, a nice touch.  
     So glad I can't wear a gold plastic tissue cover!

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