Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Walter Dean Myers...

When you look in a mirror, who do you see?
      A boy? A girl?
     A son? A daughter?
     A runner? A dancer? 

Whoever and whatever you see–
just put out your fist and give yourself an I am BAM!

     In this new book, Looking Like Me, Walter Dean Myers writes about Jeremy trying to discover himself by looking in the mirror and seeing other members of his family.  Jeremy discovers who he is... a brother... a son... a dancer... a runner... an artist.  Myer's son, Christopher, did the illustrations is such a unique way.
     The book is really about celebrating who you are and who you will become... the poetry is rhythmic and jazzy.  And the story is an important one.
     I could see using this book to encourage learners to write about their own uniqueness during a study of poetry.  It might also lend itself to determining what's important in text.  Reading this book was a special treat.

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